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About East Tennessee Soil Services

Lawn Leveling, Topsoil, Compost

East Tennessee Soil Services is locally owned and operated right here in Hixson, TN! We pride ourselves on quality workmanship and exceptional customer service. Your satisfaction is our number one priority!


As the premier lawn leveling provider in the greater Chattanooga area we offer top dressing, leveling, and seeding options to transform your bumpy and bare lawn into the lush, smooth lawn you have been longing for. 

We understand that every lawn is unique which is why we offer free, on-site consultations so we can customize a plan based on the condition of your lawn, your goals for the property and your budget.

Our professionally trained lawn technicians are passionate about their work. Their attention to detail through each project ensures the job is done right with quality products and effective techniques. 

Lawn Strip

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Lawn leveling

Lawn Leveling is a great option to even out a bumpy lawn. Cases range from mild to severe but we are glad to help you tackle any size project. A sand leveling will help smooth the top layer of the lawn which will be more aesthetically pleasing​ and much easier to maintain!


top dressing

Routine top dressing with a topsoil compost mix will improve thatch breakdown, revitalize the soil and really give your lawn the extra nutrients it needs to thrive. It is a great step in improving the overall health of your lawn.



If you have areas of erosion or large depressions that require a filling, top dressing or leveling you may also find yourself in need of a seeding. A seeding is necessary to fill in those bare spots but did you know annual seedings are extremely beneficial for your lawn? It will help choke out weeds, and is the best way to get that thick lush green lawn of your dreams.



Licensed, Bonded & Insured

Locally Owned & Operated

Professional & Experienced



I am so pleased with the outcome of my sand leveling. My lawn wasn't in terrible shape but it was uneven and kind of wavy. We had areas that were scalped after each mowing. The team at East Tennessee Soil Services come out and put a great plan together for the lawn. They were very efficient and really paid attention to detail. It was a messy job but when they left you wouldn't have know they had ever been there. The difference in the lawn is visible and we couldn't be happier. Five Stars!!

Ashley B.

East Ridge, TN


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