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Mushroom Compost is an amazing organic fertilizer that will improve soil quality by stabilizing the soil composition and adding the nutrients needed to allow your lawn or garden to flourish!


We have found that germination rates increase significantly when you use the mushroom compost as binding agent for seedings. The compost is naturally moist keeping the seed hydrated and in place and it offers a powerful punch of nutrient to the seed as it starts its germination process. So, whether you are stating fresh with a brand-new lawn or just planning your annual maintenance seeding you should consider the benefits of added a mushroom compost to the process.


Why is Mushroom Compost Beneficial for my Lawn?

  • Improves soil quality, nutrient content, and soil microbe population.

  • Improves water retention in drought conditions and in poor soils.

  • Organic nutrient values are verifiably consistent.

  • It is sustainable agriculture and a good environmental stewardship practice, providing a nutrient rich soil amendment.

  • Reserves organic matter depletion, providing improved turfgrass and plant production.

  • Stabilizes nitrogen and reduces nitrate leaching.

  • Department of Agriculture accepted fertilizer and preferred product.

  • Suppresses sporulation of the artillery fungus.

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